A Preface: Movement.

This is a beautifully written post and moves on from my last post on embracing physical movement (exercise), it has worked for her and it just gives me hope to continue beating my demons.

Grateful Bethinker

It was a few weeks post-diagnosis. My system was laced with tramadol, some sleeping meds, and probably elevated levels of cortisol. I flipped through my brochure about fibromyalgia a few times, but my 18 year old brain didn’t care much for its contents. Everything was a question mark.

Throughout this mess, my mom attempted to guide me through the process of becoming familiar with my illness. We went to Barnes and Noble and found a few books about fibro. Since my mom is pretty much a walking jeopardy jackpot (she knows ALL the answers!) she knew which ones would be the most helpful (she was right). We walked around a bit, then came upon the yoga section hidden by the recliners in a corner.

I don’t remember how exactly the conversation played out, but mom said she read somewhere that yoga was great for people with fibromyalgia. Since I didn’t…

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