Lighthouse award – so chuffed!

Lighthouse Award

Lighthouse Award
Lighthouse Award

I always get teased for using the word ‘chuffed’ being told it’s such an old fashioned word, but for my personality (eccentric) it describes exactly how I feel receiving this award and I must say such a surprise.  I humbly thank Shuan who has the blog called: Looking for reasoning to a complicated world for this award.  Shuan is a prolific blogger on all subject matters, but also suffers like me with pain, but moreso and shares this side bravely with others in a very openly refreshing manner.

I believe, though stand to be corrected that this award was started by Coach Muller, who has the Good Time Stories blog.

Here are his words as to why he started this award, words that make me smile for sure;

I decided to make an award to recognize the people who have created beautiful, heartwarming, and inspirational blogs. Their blogs bring us happiness, enlighten our hearts, and bring a little joy to our lives when we visit their pages. The work that these people have done has truly given us rays of light in a gloomy world.

Here are the rules:

  1. Display the Award certificate on your blog.
  2. Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
  3. Inform your nominees of their award nominations
  4. Share three ways that you like to help other people.
  5. There is no limit to the number of people that you can nominate.
  6.  HAVE FUN!!!


Three ways I like to help other people:

  1. Sometimes we live in such a fast pace world, being insular, using technology.  How many people do you see out just on their phones, not looking at each other?  Even at an evening out, a group with heads down on their tablets or otherwise.  We forget about interacting, the power of the human touch and word.  So with this, I like to give a hug to my friends and smile, I smile at strangers too, no I don’t hug them, they might get upset.  The amount of times when I do get to go out, I smile at someone and say a cheery “good morning” etc, sometimes I get a very surprised look normally from the younger generation, the older generation usually reply with equally cheery disposition.
  2. Though I am a talker as you can tell from the amount of words I type I like to listen too believe it or not :-), I like to empathize which I think I am quite good at and hope with this that I have helped others when they come to me in one medium or another.
  3. If I were more able bodied I would do so much more, but within my constraints I actually hope that this blog helps someone even if but a little.  It’s not all flowers and roses, there dark moments which happens, I am earlier on in my journey than many others so have not always come across the strategies that can help more generously, but I hope what I write doesn’t just help me, but someone else even a tad.

So here are my nominees, all fantastic and inspiring and refreshingly insightful and honest blogs:

  1. Living with Shadows
  2. Below the Radar
  3. Farmer Farthing
  4. No one gets flowers for chronic pain
  5. My chronic life journey

Some of my nominees might know me from https://eclecticoddsnsods as I have more than one blog and tend to have most of my follows on one blog, makes life a little easier until you cross blogs like this 😉


PS for my nominees apologies if I called it the Sunshine Award, lol, well it is bringing from the Darkness to the Sunshine, hence stuck in my  mind but it is officially the “Lighthouse Award”


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