What can Crowdfunding do for those of us with invisible illnesses?

A great idea, would be fabulous for other supporters to join

Liveken - my chronic life journey

You may have noticed the last few weeks I’ve been hinting at the fact the Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang campaign was going to be getting busier in March. That’s because we’re taking the next step and officially launching with a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter.

We’re doing this because I’ve realised that I do have financial limitations and won’t be able to fund the publishing and distribution of the picture book by myself. Getting the book published is the first step in getting the message further out there.

What is crowdfunding?

I shared a post a few weeks ago that provided a basic explanation of what crowdfunding is and I feel that post and the info graphic below provide a reasonable understanding of the basic principles.

Basically, the version of crowdfunding we’ll be using is one where everyone who donates gets some form of reward.

How does this help…

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