Sit Down and Shut Up!

Something for thought, it is scary how things can roller coaster out of control and situations become very sad indeed!


Will you be the next victim? That is what you should be asking yourself if you are the type of person who doesn’t just follow along with authority. We do have a right to question and we do have a right for a second opinion, or don’t we? I must say I was seriously disturbed hearing about the young 15 year old girl who has been taken away from her parents. As a parent, with a teenage girl the same age, I have learned that the people in authority do not always know what is best for her. Although I do not believe I am smarter than the rest of the world, I do believe the gut instinct that is gifted to mothers when they birth a child goes above and beyond what research and studies could ever prove. So, when I read about Justina Pelletiers story, I admit I…

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