I want to scream & let it all out!

Sometimes I feel like this video with Will.i.am and Britney, the title is very apt, plus I like the song anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ ย It’s great to have a little boogie too.

But today, I am escaping a bit to this blog, because yesterday I went to a Tourettes ‘social’ get together, en famille with my eldest who is suffering. ย It was a mind blowing experience in a good way yet right now I am struggling to hold on to that good feeling.

Sometimes, it just all get’s too much. ย Sometimes all those things you achieve, feel like they are sliding away, be it just for a moment.

What happened this week….

My French bulldog, his bottom prolapsed, pretty horrendous, for him, two days at the vets over ยฃ500. ย The car broke over ยฃ500. ย My sons tics are escalating. ย My youngest has his ADHD and dyspraxia. ย Sometimes I find myself wondering whether to physically walk forwards or back, this way or that, who to cater for next, who to worry about next, I want to be an octopus so I can answer everyone’s questions, hold my eldest who is ticcing so loud my head hurts.

I also got my appointment for my 2nd spinal injection, in just over a week, short notice and I should be jumping over the moon, I am, I am just scared and right now that is overtaking my enthusiasm for having it done and I am not getting time to even voice/think about this with everything else that is going on….maybe that is a good thing?


So right now, I am just going to listen to this song and maybe I might feel a bit better after, heh!

Over and out, anyone here got any opinions, want to chat? ย xxx

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