Feeling nervous, excited, but definately more nervous!

Why am I nervous?

Photo Credit: skyseeker via FlickrI know I should feel excited, and I am but am nervous too.  Why?  Because I am having my 2nd spinal injection tomorrow.  It is actually my 3rd, but the first one was at a different hospital and such a horrendous experience that I almost dismiss it.

This is the 2nd one for me at St Georges.  They don’t know where exactly my pain stems from, so the Pain Consultant is basically injecting down my spine until he gets the best result which will indicate possibly where the pain is stemming from too, so will give him and myself a few more answers.

facet joint injection
This is the name given to an injection into the small linking joints of the spine, the Facet joints.

He injected around 4 vertebrae in my upper thorax last time, apparently a hard place to inject because of being tight and curved he can’t inject under as normal but instead he injected on top of the small facet joints and will be working down the next four tomorrow.

The day i got back the anaesthetic was still working and I felt fabulous and somewhat spacey for a while and was going “whoooppeee my life is back this worked so well” but oh boy, LOL….silly me.

The next morning I woke up, the anaesthetic had worn off and the pain from the ‘actual’ procedure had kicked in, just rolling over in bed was horrible.  Eventually I managed to get up and stand up for about 20 mins the next day,  then back in bed, the next day I managed a shower and slowly over two weeks everything kicked in and started to feel a bit better.

I would say that I got about a 20% improvement but still being on the same medication, I am greedy I wish to feel a lot more better of course and stop these medications.  However it has given me small windows to do more within my time frames which has been great.

no medication
“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”
― Santosh Kalwar, Quote Me Everyday

I know people who just come off their medication, but I know that if the pain returns like it did, I cannot cope with it and have no desire to be bed bound again, I do wonder though if I would return exactly back to that place however.

So, with these injections comes a sense of nervousness due to the procedure because yes it hurts, but not just that it is the emotional rollercoaster of “will it work, if so how much, or what if it makes it worse?”  Too many questions in my head, I shall probably have to do some yoga nidra for the next 24hrs after the procedure, hehe.

It'll be ok
It’ll be ok

So, I probably won’t be writing posts at the computer for a couple of days, as really I need to stand up to do that, but no doubt I will take the time to be catching up on reading all of your lovely blogs and commenting, hehe!

Big hugs

Let’s stay connected!


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14 thoughts on “Feeling nervous, excited, but definately more nervous!

  1. Oh, I am nervous for you too. I tend to get a lot more angry when I’m trying something, as in medication, and it doesn’t work, then when I was just suffering before. But hopefully you can find something that lasts. A few years ago I fell in a pot of boiling water and basically burned the skin on both arms off. I was calling my parents the first day and telling everyone I was great, and doing my own laundry ( which we scrub by hand here) and just thinking that I was great – until the next morning when I woke up and all the pain killers were worn off. Your anaesthesia story reminded me of that. Good luck.

  2. Sounds unpleasant but if it gives you relief in the long run that’s all that matters. I really do feel for you. I have back and neck pain and it affects everything I do. Mine is nothing compared to yours so I can’t even imagine 😦

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