Mental Monday: Top 3 tips for preparing for a Kickstarter campaign with a chronic illness

Finally someone has taken on board a way to try and enlighten others to the trials of chronic pain please donate and support a fellow sufferer trying to get this off the ground x

Liveken - my chronic life journey

As I’m sure by now all of you are aware, we have been running a Kickstarter campaign this month to raise the funds necessary to print the first run of the Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang picture book. We now have just over 4 days left to raise the $3,219 we still need to reach our target.

Running a Kickstarter campaign is not the easiest thing to do, even when you are 100% healthy and have all the time in the world. With several chronic illnesses, limited energy and multiple doctors and specialist appointments, this last month has been extremely challenging for me as the coordinator of this campaign.

In future posts I’ll talk about the steps I’ve taken during this campaign (and those I would’ve taken if I was doing it all over again) to ensure a good balance between looking after myself, reaching our goal, and still…

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