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As per the Dungeon Prompts, we are to this week:


So the assignment for this week is to introduce us to a blogger that is not well known, has very few followers but that you think is completely awesome.  Be sure to tell us what you like about their blog, what you have been able to gather about their personality, and give us a link to their site and some of your favorite posts by them.  Let’s try and open the world up a bit to those awesome people that haven’t yet been formally introduced to the blogosphere.


There are many blogs that I love, I am not sure what constitutes flying under the radar and I have no idea how many followers the blog I am about to talk about has, but the reason I would like to highlight ANewPerspecitivePerhaps is for many reasons but notably one of her last posts which I will highlight below.

I felt a little odd/awkward about completing this challenge only because I made a big thing about re-blogging recently but I would like to say although this a little different, I have full permission from Kim @ ANewPerspectivePerhaps to use her material YAY! 🙂

What I find with A New Perspective is that whatever Kim talks about, it is infused with an absolutely huge amount of passion.  She wears her heart on her sleeve totally.  Her blog is a total glimpse in to her head, everything that might be on her mind that day, it is all written with a hope of it being of help as well as ‘getting it off her chest’ and the subject matters are varied.

However, what draws me in, is the simplicity of her posts in that, they are just ‘her thoughts’ no complicated writings, poetry, other things, I know pretty  much if I see one of her posts what I might get and will undoubtedly enjoy it.  It is not to say that complex, varied subject matters and how they are expressed are bad, it is just that in this instance it seems to be a great recipe for how she expresses things.

Now, one of the last posts written that really sticks in my head like glue is There is no greater love.  It is her feelings and thoughts about her son, it is probably one of the most beautiful things I have read, it’s not poetry, it’s not a song yet it is pure unconditional, unadulterated love shown with a compassion and complete understanding for her offspring and to me is totally stunning and had me watering up, in a good way!

Various other posts include titles like:

Describe yourself in one quote


I love quotes. I have a fascination with them. I search them out, I apply them to life and use them to inspire myself each and every day. Of course I have my favorites, the ones that go so deep I feel like they stick to my soul. But if I had to pick one that describes my life up to this day, it would have to be this one. Here it is:

My new don’t leave home without a checklist


1) A GOOD attitude or just stay home

2) An open mind. Who knows what wonderful things are out there waiting for you to receive them?Be open and ready so you don’t miss out

There are more if you look at her blog.

Reality V Perception


Do you ever notice how much angst and worry and dread you can cause yourself because your perception of what something is going to be like is completely off balance with what the actual experience is going to be? The torture and dread that we purposely drag ourselves through can be debilitating and mind consuming at the very least.

Are you contagious


I am really working on trying to be more positive. I have to say, that all this time I am devoting to listing what I am grateful for has made a huge difference.

Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it.


This made me smile. I hope it makes you smile too


So please pop along to her blog, take time to browse and find a stream of easy yet insightful things to follow and peruse.  Kim spends much time analyzing and trying to improve what goes on in her mind, her way of ‘being’ and making her life a great place to be and for others, as a lot of others do.

Thank you for reading!

Justine x

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9 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompts ~ A blog to share

  1. Thank you so much Justine. Ah, now you have a name that I can put with your face. Your words mean so much to me. I know many bloggers are fixated on the number of followers they have on a given day, but for me, what means the most, are the handful of friends and loyal readers that stick around and really care about what It is I write. I am blessed to meet and get to know so many wonderful people and you are certainly one of them. Your opinion means the world to me and I am grateful you took the time and energy to write so kindly about me and my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just for the record, the piano post was a reblog but it brought such a big smile to my face, I just had to share it with others. You’re the best, really ♥️

    1. Hey it was a pleasure and worth it just to get to know your name hehe it is odd when you chat to someone for a while and suddenly realise you don’t know their name 🙂 I hope you had a few new visitors today, a few friends say they are coming over to yours to visit you better get the kettle on! Hehw

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