Poem #2 ~ Treasure & Temptation!

Treasures & Temptation

I was lying in bed, looking out of my window, through the lace curtains and the lovely wooden box that once belonged to my grandmother came to my view.  It is tucked infront on the windowsill.  I remember when I got this beautiful box that has such lovely detail, such craftsmanship, I had no idea it would be full of items, trinkets, memories of past, perhaps secrets and it inspired me to write a poem.



Secrets and magic might lie within, or

stories and revelations.

“Can I open it, should I open it,

what will be in it, I want to,

no I need to, I really must know!”

 Tingly butterfly wings enliven young tummy

 as fingertips stroke wooden veneer.

“Oh the exquisite sight of such a box”

“Oh the skillful beauty to behold”

“Surely secrets &

magic must lie within?”

 A vessel to keep mysteries invisible.

Not for inquisitive fingers.

Not for a child like me,

“But, but” my petulant mind argues.

Whining now heard in tone.

“No!  No! Not until your older.”

“Permission is not granted.”

“You will not find today what lies within.”

 Sighs and retreats from temptation.

Lowered lashes gently flutter,

just like THOSE butterfly wings.

Curtailing the orbs of curiosity.

Treasures now merge in to obscurity.

© Justine @ Itisalonelyplace.wordpress.com

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