The Mystery of my Sore Back

I just loved this post, Rara Saur manages to inject a bit of humour, cutness, childishness but in a good way in the path of pain, be it hopefully short lived, but I would like to make a character out of my pain, I think snakes, but no I want a character like the one she makes, one I can poke fun at and throw against the wall to send it away πŸ™‚


I ended up sleeping away my Sunday because my back was injured. I’m not sure why or how, but I know that I can’t bow my head, or rest it on my shoulder without my neck/back pain going mission critical.

The thing is– I have no idea how this happened.

Luckily, I’ve had some time to think it over and I’ve come up with a few really plausible possibilities.

Theory 1: Sleep Ninja-ing

It’s possible that I’ve started sleep ninja-ing.Β  The lights go out, I lie down to sleep– and then while in a dreamstate, I wake up and prowl the night, looking for people who need me to unleash my ninja power upon them.Β 

Perhaps all those high kicks and chops pulled a muscle that didn’t want to be pulled?

Theory 2: Curse

A woman came into my place of business recently and complimented my neck.Β  Maybe what started…

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6 thoughts on “The Mystery of my Sore Back

  1. I too did enjoy these theories of pain…as for snake that would be for my migraines…sneaking around, crawls out never knowing why and crawls back under its mighty stinking rock…never knowing when it will slither out again.

    1. You know I asked my son to make a character for my pain he drew a robot lol I think we need to go back to the drawing board. I’m thinking possibly reading my phone and not wearing my glasses (denial) could be a cause for my headaches…yikes!

      1. Oh for sure…and too much computer…the screen is hard on the eyes. there is a software, I once had it that dimmed the light of the screen as the day progressed. By the way you check out my last post to make you smile:) or laugh.

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