Update since my facet joint injection!

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.
Joseph Campbell

Update time.

It has been a coupe of weeks, though it feels more since I had my 2nd facet joint injection at St Georges Hospital.

To re-cap for anyone just reading, I have undiagnosed pain in my back and ribs mainly so the Pain Consultant is giving me facet joint injections bit by bit down my back to see which area responds the best.

Each time though it is hard work, I won’t say it is not, it involves bed rest for a bit and recuperation, not to mention the actual procedure is darn painful, I wanted to swear there but stopped myself.

So what should have been happening?

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”  ― Ernest Hemingway
“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
― Ernest Hemingway

The initial goals during this period were

  • See what the pain levels are, any changes, movement etc since the steroids have kicked in, which should have been 5-2 weeks since the injection.
  • To start using my anesthetic patches
  • To come off Ibuprofen
  • Hopefully to be more active
  • Get my follow up appointment 5-6 weeks after injection

What has actually been happening?

  • Well I did come off my Ibuprofen, after I thought the swelling etc had died down from the actual procedure.  I was nervous about coming off, but my stomach has been so swollen and painful it was necessary, I am very glad it is done now.
  • I have started using my anesthetic patches the same time I came off the Ibuprofen, they are great and very expensive.  The GP made a fuss about this and told me I have a month’s worth and then they will review, I am not sure what happens if they don’t renew my prescription….actually quite nervous about it, but plod along and worry nearer the time.
  • Activity levels have been sometimes more, sometimes the same, but generally good, ie I am doing my walking etc, no marathons yet!!!  (I wish)  This time of the year is hard, I drove through the Park, yes was my 2nd drive of 15 mins and pain levels the same doing this, however, the point is I see people jogging and on their bike.  I have a lovely upright bike tucked in the shed, hardly used as I got it just before these problems started, I am so desperate to get on it.  Sometimes it is hard to resign oneself to the fact that I might never get on one again, but a small part of me refuses to believe that.
  • Still waiting for follow up appointment but that’s cool.
  • Pain levels, this is a difficult one.  I noticed a marked difference after the first but though marked it was about 20% better on same meds.  Now I am on different meds ie less and the pain levels don’t seem to have changed, yet I am on patches, so I have no real idea whether improvement has happened, it certainly isn’t any more than last time, I feel slightly stagnant which is disappointing.

So what happens next?

“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”  ― Rachel Carson
“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”
― Rachel Carson

I am going on holiday in a weeks time.  To Devon.  It is about a four or so hour drive.  I was hoping that this injection would provide me with enough relief that I did not have to stress about the drive.  You see I need to get out of the car after an hour to two.  I need to then lie down.  The entire time I am in the car it hurts to varying degrees, but after my allotted time I have to get out and stretch, lie down or what happens?  Basically if I don’t do this I will arrive at my destination and either that day or the next I will be flat on my back in pain for about a week.  Seeing as we are going for a week it is pointless to get in to this state so I avoid it at all costs.

Devon is somewhere we have gone for a few years.  We take a bungalow right beside the sand dunes.  One walks over these sand dunes and are at the beach.  Both the dogs and the boys will be in the back of the car, which equals lots of smells, hehe.  The dogs are usually in a bit of shock when they first see the sea and sand but great exercise for them.

I am considering taking my Ibuprofen etc just incase, I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, you see this is the frustrating thing I don’t have a mate in a similar situation who I can ring up to ask “should I do this?”  With this I mean I have friends but no one who experiences the same thing and has that ‘attachment’ to make a decision or help at least.

man meditating
Meditation is a mental and physical course of action that a person uses to separate themselves from their thoughts and feelings in order to become fully aware.

I have decided to take my yoga nidra to help after attempting to take long walks.

I will take my hideous tea of ginger, turmeric and cinnamon (seriously YUK), however my zero balancing swears that 3 times a day helps with inflammation, which combats the need for Ibuprofen.  I believe her as she used to be a Pharmacist, so she surely knows what she is talking about?

I am also working on not a ‘bucket’ list as I associate that with when someone is going to die and they make their last wishes of what they want to do.  But I will call it something else, something fun, a list of things that are achievable, a list that when those things are done I will fill up with more things, harder things to do and achievements.  I think going away is a good time to reflect and do these things.  What better than sitting on a sand dune, watching the sea and thinking of life! 🙂

bucket listSo any ideas for a name for my list?

Until next time…lest we chat…thank you for listening to my little musings on the here and the now!

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15 thoughts on “Update since my facet joint injection!

  1. Sorry to hear about the med issues but glad about your well-deserved holiday! Enjoy and rest well, though you’ll be much missed here! P.S. If I were you, I’d take the Ibuprofen, just in case. I’m talking as a former smoker who was carrying around cigarettes even long after I had quit — just in case. I didn’t need them, but I felt better having them on me.

    1. Hehe, thank you I will take a whole bag full of meds LOL but lock it to resist temptation when the ride gets rough. I don’t go until next Sat but will take my phone so though won’t post can still message 🙂 so you didn’t get rid of me that easily..winks and teases you….x

  2. As soon as I read that part about how expensive the pain patches are I had a “me too!” moment. I just walked out of a pharmacy without a new medication because it cost more than $100…and that was *after* insurance. It’s so depressing that the most expensive medications are prescribed for the people least likely to be able to afford them…

    1. I am in the UK,so my meds are on the NHS which is why the docs are making a fuss as it doesnt fit their budget, but heck I pay my taxes which is what it is for plus if my stomach gets messed up it will cost the NHS alot more to fix that, but they don’t think that far, GP’s are meant to prioritize their patients care before their budgets, but thats my rant for the day LOL, thank you so much for commenting and coming by 🙂 Please pop by again x

    1. Thank you 🙂 I don’t go until next Sat but psyching myself up, hehe. I sort of need a title max 3 words long as it will be in my header…I did think of ‘smile list’ or ‘wish list’ maybe bit boring that one? Or ‘sunshine list’? LOL

  3. I do understand what you are talking about. At 30 I was in a car accident that has left me dealing with degrees of pain everyday. I won’t take heavy duty pain meds as I have several friends who are addicted to the medicine and pay large amounts of money each month.
    Enjoy the good days try not to focus on the bad ones. Alternative medicine (accupuncture) has done the most for my pain levels as has chiropractic medicine,
    Best of luck and big hugs

    1. Thank you very much. Sorry to hear about your car crash but glad things seem to be on the up? I have found Alexander technique and lately zero balancing to really reduce my pain to a level where for a few days I feel good just a shame it’s not on the Nhs! Really appreciate you popping by x

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