One Lovely Blog Award!

One Lovely Blog Award


I would like to thank Belsbror, who I do not know that well, but who kindly nominated me on the 4th April for this lovely award.

For the One Lovely Blog Award, here are the rules if you would like to accept  this award. Post about it and pass it on to others.

  1. 1. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
  2. 2. Share seven things about you.
  3. 3. Pass the award on to seven nominees.
  4. 4. Thank the person who nominated you.
  5. 5. Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs.

My wonderful seven Nominees

Now I would like to say here firstly that I know some people do not follow on with nominations, ie don’t accept them, but I still nominate.  This is not to disrespect this, as I accept sometimes this will not follow on, but it is simply my way to say “hey I think your great!”which is a privilege for me to be able to do so.  Some of my nominations will know me from one of my other blogs, namely Eclectic Odds n Sods, but I am Justine, here or there…grins!

  1. Lori from Creating Beauty in the Kitchen ~ I have recently met Lori but instantly felt a connection, she has shown me such kindness and has simply the prettiest blog ever, creating beauty as she says within the kitchen, go pop by to see what she is cooking today.
  2. Samantha from Farmer Farthing ~ Samantha is a wonderful sassy Lady who writes simply the best stories & always has a way to make me laugh yet show us her innermost self, please go say and “hello”
  3. Olliana from Traces of the Soul ~ Olliana has a little niche in my heart for being warm, gentle and someone I can always ‘talk & open’ up to, one of those people you meet online and are gutted you don’t even live in the same country as.  She is the most amazing writer, making stories out of her experiences and a fluid poetry writer too!
  4. Karuna Poole from Living, Learning & Letting Go ~ Karuna I have met recently and connected with through our love of nature.  Karuna is the mother of Sreejit whose Seeker Prompts I ‘try’ to do weekly.  She is a newer blogger but provides so much to others with her writings, please go and say a “hello” to her.
  5. Oloriel from Colour me in cyanide & cherry ~ though we have not conversed a huuuuge amount, I am a chatterbox, Oloriel however wows me with her writings, really worth a visit to get blinded by her poetry.
  6. Mara Eastern from Mara Eastern’s Personal Blog ~ this Lady has a special place in my heart, someone I talk to daily mostly we talk utter rubbish to each other as far as outsiders would think, but it makes complete sense to us and I adore our ramblings.  Mara provides a blog full of wonderful photography and when she ‘does’ write long pieces which I berate her for not doing more often, I have those WOW moments, come on Mara write more, please swing by and peruse her lovely cats too!
  7. Laineyrain from Laineyrain ~ Lainey I have met through one of my other blogs, eclecticoddsnsods, she is great fun, writes and is a simply devine artist. Lainey  has entered alongside with me the crazy A-Z blogging challenge, please shuffle by and support her in this hard challenge and say “hello”.

Seven things about myself, uh oh do you really want to know?

  1. I have dark auburn hair, when I was younger however I wanted nothing more than to have dark, shiny black hair, never had a wish to be blonde.  I never however dared to dye my hair black but oddly used to henna it which made it even more red, isn’t that crazy when I hated my red hair?
  2. My kids say I am impatient
  3. My kids also say I am funny
  4. I have two sons, who when Iook at them during a still moment, ie when they are not being crazy, I literally feel my heart swell with the love I hold for them.
  5. I get a craving for chocolate around 8pm at night, I have been known to dribble and gnash my teeth when this time approaches.
  6. I love animals, all kinds, but especially ugly ones.
  7. I cry easily and really hate that.

Thank you again for my nomination ~ Justine xxx


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27 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. Aaww!! What a lovely post! You should write a list of random things about yourself much more often — what a fun to read!

    Auburn hair is beautiful and the best colour is red; I should know, I used to dye my hair ginger! Now I stick to dark brown though, because it seems to be more fitting to my age and position. 😯 I don’t know about impatient, but yes, you are funny, your kids are right! Now this sounds weird but my heart swells when I look at my two cats. I have craving for chocolate most of the day; I have lots of love especially for all things ugly; and I cry over TV.

    Wait, I wasn’t supposed to make a list of random facts about me too? 😉

    P.S. Did you really nominate me for this sweet award or am I misreading…?

    1. I did, I did, of course I did, hehe, I just put a comment about this on your blog, hehe, takes a while to sort nominations out and write all about it and let people know. I love that you put that you have many similar traits. hehe, are you a red head by birth then, or did I get that wrong? We must eat chocolate together, a lot, MMmm I can see my chocolate brownies I made yesterday on the plate…. xx We can cry and eat chocolate yes?

      1. The awards are tough work, you’re right, but I always love it when I get one (it’s not like I got too many but it always makes me smile like an idiot, if you pardon the word, the whole day!). You speak so nicely about my blog in the post, I can’t stop blushing… 😳 Thank you again. And again. And again…

        Sorry for confusing you, my natural hair colour is colourless (weird brownish), so I’ve been dying my hair since my teenage years. First I dyed it red, then black (I had a dark period, I guess) and then I decided that I was far too old for black and went for shades of dark brown and sometimes highlights. Depending on whether my hairdresser speaks of penises or not (you know what I’m talking about, right 😉 )…

        I’ve seen your chocolate brownies and I deliberately refrained from commenting on them because you made me salivate and I drooled all over my laptop. I have issues with food pictures… On second thought, chocolate might even make me stop crying so that I could eat it more efficiently. 😆

        1. LOL you do make me laugh. yes I know about penises does your hairdresser talk about them too? How odd we have so many similarities. I hope you were not in fear of electrolcuting yourself over drooling on the keyboard, that would not be good having fried fingers. I like fish fingers though.

          I think it is fun that you can dye your hair all different colours, mine is now auburn/brown, gets darker with age.

          I did notice you did not comment on my chocolate brownies, I was wondering and now you solve the puzzle for me x

          1. My hairdressers don’t really talk about penises, but I’m not giving up hope!

            Fried fish fingers, yummy! Today we’ve had fried eidam cheese for lunch and chips! Very very healthy indeed.

            Yep, the only advantage of having colourless natural hair colour is that you can dye it any colour you want. Except blond, but that’s the only colour I never wanted. I guess I’m prejudiced against blond! 😯

            Heh, I may not comment on your food posts in future either… If you forgive me and understand that it’s for the sake of my safety 😉

          2. Now I’m fiercely envious — I have essays to correct and a translation to do tonight 😦 The essays are often fun though, there’s much unintended humour in there 🙂

          3. Maybe you wouldn’t understand the students’ English — it’s often just terrible and I can only get their point when I translate it word-by-word in my and their shared mother tongue. But recently I go this opening sentence: “This book was criticised by many critics.” Now I’m halfway through an essay which uses the word “master” instead of “employer” — I have no clue what the person was thinking but it sounds awful, especially because the essay deals with an African American employee. The ways of students are inscrutable.

  2. P.S.: Of course, I forgot to even congratulate you on the award!! Sorry, where did my manners go?? You see, I was too excited about this post 😳 Also, I took the liberty to share this post via my Twitter, I figured it was ok when the sharing buttons are here, so I hope it is actually ok? Again, I was acting faster than I was thinking…

  3. I guess I took a jet, I got here so fast but it dropped me off at your previous award post, so I had to take a shuttle here {catching my breath…taking out my inhaler…puff…sigh} there we go! Thank you, Justine, for this lovely lovely award and especially for your kind words about ‘moi’…blushing a bit but I do love compliments. haha…I am old enough now to say “thank you”; I am old enough to smile inside myself when I pass and a gent raises an eyebrow and looks approvingly…and old enough to know the difference with real people in my life in person and virtually…you are “real”, dearest Justine. My natural colour is dark auburn too no matter how much I tried to hide the redness…but have touched pretty much all colours from blonde to black with purple and orange in between…haha…you get a bit risky when your mom is a hairstylist…and talking about penises!!?? well, I learned/heard a lot sitting in the beauty parlor growing up indeed mixed with my grandmother’s stories of childbirth. Thanks again for this lovely mention. ((((((hugs)))))) Oliana xx

  4. Awe a true pleasure and I didn’t get a spanking for it either lol! And you are auburn too woohoo next you will tell me your a left handed too!! Oh and guess what I tried a stanza today! Still here or did you faint? Haha xx

  5. Thank you so much Justine! I will happily accept! 🙂 How sweet of you to think of me, and your words meant a lot!
    I love auburn hair…beautiful! Mine naturally has auburn highlights in it, which I think is fun. I did try the black and blond thing when I was younger. Black=good. Blond=horrible. LOL!
    I am laughing so hard about you really liking ugly animals! I would love to hear more of the story about that! I absolutely love animals too…even the ugly ones like toads and hippos! 🙂
    Loved reading these facts about you!

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