A video on pain ~ food for thought!

I was talking with Shuan from Shaunynews who is a prolific and seasoned blogger, who also suffers from Fibromyalgia and is always ready to put fingertip to keyboard to answer anything I might ask.  I am curious at the moment as to whether this is what I suffer from.  But pain is pain at the end of the day.  But I do wonder if a diagnosis would just settle something a little in my mind.

He passed me this You tube clip and I wanted to share it with other people who suffer with chronic pain, as it did give me food for thought, no magic cures, but progression and knowledge is better than nothing.

I would love to know what you think about it!



As always thank you for not only reading but listening.

Justine x

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15 thoughts on “A video on pain ~ food for thought!

  1. She almost makes it seem like everyone can get rid of their chronic pain, which unfortunately is not the case. But it certainly was an interesting video and gave things to think about, and I loved all the drawings. Glad you posted it Justine!

    1. Yes it’s not a cure and I did get that feeling too which is rubbish but there were also some very valid points too. PS am on hols til sat so only have my phone and tablet but will look at your wonderful name design when I get back 🙂

  2. I really appreciated you posting this. While I do not have fibromyalgia I know someone relatively close who does or as least some of their doctors believe so as some do not – some Doc’s choose to not believe in the disease at all. And this helps me to understand where they (my person is) are coming from. All that bit about the brain doing all the work in making pain, makes sense. What is unfortunate for this older person is that they do not live close to family adding to daily depression, and now dementia is setting in. They haven’t had an easy life and depression is a big issue. After the death of a loved one over ten years ago, I’m not sure they fully recovered from… and compounded with other diagnosed health issues, along with little movement. It all adds up. I would tell them about this, but in five minutes they’d forget.

    Hopefully you can proceed and retrain your brain. As well as all others who are still able to understand and move forward.

    Hubby has allergies so we have to have filtered air… but so far we haven’t turned the air on…yet. Best to you and thanks again.

  3. I like the video and, in my opinion, it contains a lot of very good information.

    The only area I find missing is the spiritual component. Questions like: What am I supposed to learn from this pain? What is the pain’s purpose when I look at it at that level? And/Or do I have the disease/pain to help draw me closer to my Maker? Is the pain here to teach me about Surrender?

    When I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the 80’s I came to the conclusion it was a disease of spiritual despair. I didn’t know, and don’t know if there is any truth to that conclusion, but I came to it because I thought about what it would be like to be a spirit living close to God and then to come to this realm and finding myself trapped in a human body, moving from freedom of spirit to a body whose head is so big I couldn’t even lift it. (Yes I believe in reincarnation!) That was what it felt like to me when living with CFS, At times, it felt like too much effort to even lift my head..

    I also hope that they are able to give you a definitive diagnosis, but know I see you learning lots as you take every step on this journey. You are inspiring.

    1. Unfortunately there’s lots missing from the video ie what you mention. Pain is so complex but I feel like its good to constantly reinforce bits of what we learn to sort of ground us if that makes sense we can get carried away with it owning us and knowledge is key 🙂 thank you for your encouraging words and constant support x

  4. I know of one friend, personally, who suffers from FM and they have a really terrible time with it.

    Since I have been blogging I have additionally found many people who suffer also. Through blogging and the community there has been a really wonderful support network established.

    For your sake I hope that this is not what ails you, but should you find out that it is, you can have some comfort knowing that there is a good network of individuals with so much knowledge that can provide you with some level of support 🙂


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