Dungeon Seekers Prompt – what message am I selling?


The prompt as said by Sreejit from Dungeon Prompts:


Recently a friend and I were talking about a television series and he mentioned that the second killing by the hero/anti-hero really makes you hate the character.  I answered that it shows the sad state of our current condition that the first killing didn’t make us completely hate him.

We have a tendency to think of propaganda as an evil thing, but we are all selling something that we believe in.  All media in this day and age is seeking to convey a political or social message, and to sway what is socially or politically acceptable to us.  Even cartoons are often conveying a moral code.

In this sense, our own blogs are also forms of propaganda with an agenda, or message to convey.  Put in plain and simple words whatyour agenda is.  What message is it that you’re selling?

So this is an easy one for me, because you see when I first started this blog it was with trepidation.


Because it was hard enough to live with my chronic pain, the acceptance, the mere physicality of it all let alone write about it.  That felt like it was all too much to me.   Would it highlight it in my life possibly, make me think about it more, other people would read it and think what a depressive I was, who would understand?

I started my Eclectic odds n sods blog and my Living in East Sheen blog first  They both represent something completely different to this blog and allowed me in some way to focus on something else and to be what I consider the happy, jovial me away from the pain.  I didn’t really want to introduce the what I saw as negative side in to my blogging life.

However through the other two blogs, mainly Eclectic, I started to see what other people were writing. They felt braver than me, some exposing their lives, their fears, their hopes, their pain!

fight the fearI contemplated, cogitated and finally took the step to start this blog.  I was nervous as hell and actually Sreejits prompts helped me to get some really cluttery stuff out of my mind and to through the prompts.  This allowed me to focus on that and hence start writing, the process of getting my emotions and pain out there.

So you see, I didn’t blog to sell anything, it was a process.  This blog was for me, to express myself, to hope the devils of fear and pain might ease.  Through doing this it has helped, I have learned so much and fear I have not offered to others as much insight or help as that, that I have received myself.  I share not sell, be that sharing something people want or not, I can only share what I know, nothing  more.

I write less on this blog now, which I see as a good thing only because I feel and hope I am getting a little better physically and with my other two blogs they have increased in my words, especially Eclectic.  With Eclectic I share hopefully happiness, laughter, a bit of craziness.  I explore now with this blog, dip in to poetry and photography and share this, not sell it.

With my Living in East Sheen blog, I do sell living here, it is a bit more blatant. Why?  Simply from the fact I live here and feel blessed to be able at the moment to live in such a place.

stepping stoneIt was also a stepping stone with this illness taking me away from any community to give me a few branches to tug on to get back.

I lost many friends, they got bored of my situation and having only just moved here I didn’t have as many connections as I would have liked being in this situation.  Therefore isolation was a big thing, my blogging friends here have helped.  I have struck up a kindred spirit friendships with people on the blogosphere and it can be wonderful yet painful at the same time knowing that they might be across the ocean and my illness forbids me to ever meet them.

So that is my entry for this week and thank you sreejit as always for hosting and providing us with such prompts.

Justine xx

© Justine @ It’saLonelyPlace

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14 thoughts on “Dungeon Seekers Prompt – what message am I selling?

  1. I’m realizing I have never seen your Eclectic blog, or at least don’t think I have. I can’t do that now…. but will soon…… forget that statement, I’m going to look now!

  2. Now for my second attempt to comment. (sigh) I had 3 lines written from my smart phone and then I must have clicked some button and swoooodh it disappeared. I enjoyed your post, Justine. I like that you write what you know…that is how it should be and why you get folks reading your stuff. Nothing interesting reading from someone who pretends to know something, right? And from writing and reading you have opened up to so many creative sides you have…I can’t keep up! I see photos you take are …gee, look professional to me and your poetry…well, kiddo…for someone who said she could not write. Wow! You are a beautiful person and you write beautifully too. Huggles 😀

    1. Awe thank you, you do say the most lovely things, I read this when I woke up, but had to wait until I was at a computer to give a proper reply, but it made me smile lots 😀 It’s always great to wake up to something wonderful. Well you are the same you write what you know, you write from your heart and soul. You are right, blogging has given me the courage, inspiration to start up my creative side which i kept locked up for so many years, just dipping my toes in. I just bought myself a water colour set, brushes, paper and a table top easel, I did one painting when I was on holiday of a scene looking through waves through to a village. I havn’t posted it yet, not sure i will but it has inspired me to try to do more, now i have to find the time lol

      1. You amaze me, Justine, with your creative gifts and still discovering more. Keep exploring and delving in this as it is a gift you give to yourself, your mind, your soul and your family, friends and US can reap what you sow and enjoy the beauty. Blessings xx

        1. Thank you, you lovely Lady I think i only just found this comment, I htought all my comments from each blog went in to one section, duh how silly am I lolol..usually I reply from my phone and it doesnt differentiate, big huggles to you my dear friend x

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