What does your pain look like?

If you really had to sit down and think about your pain, put it in to a character perhaps, what would it look like?

I follow Rarasaur’s blog and seeing her dinosaur got me thinking.  It’s a fun, cute character and I think depicts her as a person so well from what I know by reading her blog.

I have seen so many amazing artists pictures, depicting pain and thought “oh wow I can relate to that so well”.

But for once I would like to have some more control over my pain, and by this I mean, if I personify my pain in to a character I can dis-attach itself from me in a way, make it mine, rather than it making it me, does that make sense?

I see my pain rather than being something demonic or evil (thought believe you me sometimes it is hard not to think that), I think of it more as something mischievious, naughty, starts to get in to places it wasn’t allowed to go, didn’t ask permission.  Sometimes it behaves, sometimes it doesn’t and I need to keep an eye on it, communicate with it, treat it as an an entity I need to listen to yet not let dominate me.

 I have two children, and my eldest is very empathic to my pain, far more so than anyone else in the house.  I spoke to him about this and he offered to make a graphic character to depict my pain, he was in fact very keen to do so.

And so I give you P.I.T.A, as made by  my son, I think this character is very good, you can tell he would get out of control, but isn’t vindictive.  

Some of you may have worked out that P.I.T.A stands for “Pain in the ass!”…yep that is my P.I.T.A

Dragon for mum pita


What does your pain look like if you were to personify it?

Justine x

© Justine @ It’s a lonely place

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26 thoughts on “What does your pain look like?

  1. Hey Justine
    How have you been?:)
    The P.I.T.A is cute 😀
    I am horrible when it comes to drawing/sketching/painting so I haven’t thought yet of personifying.
    You know the thing you said about personifying the pain in a character and making it yours rather than letting it become you actually works.
    There was something that was often on my mind since a lonng time,but the moment I penned it down,the pain just went away. It no longer affects me as much as it did before. 🙂

    1. That’s really good and great to hear 🙂 you just wrote down what was bothering you? For me making it a character with a personality in ways allows me to control it more …I hope hehe

        1. awe that is so sad, I really appreciate you sharing, I wont delete this link 🙂 gosh I can’t imagine as a child having that loss it was bad enough losingmy mother in my 30’s really bad I still havn’t gotten over it, it just gets a bit duller each year the memory of her actually dying x

          1. I feel comfortable sharing with you 🙂
            Just so you don’t get confused,he was my uncle ( dad’s brother ) .
            It does.. Sometimes I wonder if I just made the whole thing up in my mind or it actually happened.
            Hugs 🙂

      1. Yep, it’s surely a computer-related problem. I do stretch occasionally; but in general I’ve always had fragile health, so it doesn’t surprise me that the older I get, the more health trouble I get in. Well, I guess that when it really hurts, I’ll start to do something about it!

  2. I have to think about that…I can see my FMS pain as a pet I’ve grown to accept and not fight so much but the migraines….I usually see it as un étau (I cannot think of the English word) it squeezes slowly more and more each hour for at least 72 hours.

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