Spreading the word

Spreading the word

Invisible illnesses


There are so many illness’s/disorders that are invisible.  It poses an extra amount of issues borne by the person who has the invisible illness in how to deal with this socially.  In socially I don’t just mean strangers, but if you experience what I do, it is friends, those close to you, loved ones, ones children.

It is hard for those having not experienced what we do to understand.  It takes time and patience on both sides to try and educate.  It takes a desire from others to want to learn and understand.

If they don’t then we just have to deal with the impact that has on us and try not to let it affect us too badly.

Share this graphic please, put it on facebook, twitter it, whatever, the more the merrier.

I try and scoop up the images that sometimes make it easier for others to understand ‘our’ lives.

I hope your having a wonderful day!

Justine x


6 thoughts on “Spreading the word

  1. The hardest to deal with isn’t strangers, because you rarely care what they think. It is those who know you who you love and care about, their non-understanding hurts the most. Right on the head, you’ve hit it.

    Even after it’s been properly diagnosed, some don’t want to understand and blame any of their previous actions on the doctors for ‘not figuring it out sooner,’ saying that their own actions should not be held against them when they don’t even want to apologize or try to understand the new diagnoses.

    1. It’s very hard with close ones your right and yes hurts the most. For me it’s people forgetting and just because I have an ok day or do something without seeming discomfort the bar is raised without my wish for it to do so because one day or one hour could be good doesn’t meant the next one will be and it’s others expectations that are hard to deal with x

        1. Oh my worst one to hear is when I say I am utterly exhausted and the response “but you havnt done anything all day” now the thing is I do tonnes I volunteer for 3 places work past time for 2 have a home and two boys to look after and all this doesn’t happen by itself but just because I am no in an office 9-5 I apparently do nothing. The exhaustion just hits sometimes an hour after I wake up and I try to ignore it and not stop because the moment I do I’m gone. Pain like you say is draining on every sense x

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