Practical Matters – Torso Pain & Wearing A Bra!

Practical Matters – Torso Pain & Wearing A Bra!

There really is a good reason for me posting photos of my underwear I promise you!

One of the symptoms of my chronic pain is over activity of my nerves and this occurs mainly in my torso area, running from my spine where my main area of pain is, around to meet at the front of my chest like a corset.  The nerves run along my rib cage like red hot pokers moving back and forth, this in turn can cause my muscles especially under my bust to cramp and if that happens and not caught in time it is like a white pain and invokes a terrible fear in me the prospect of this happening, having had it before.

Now I don’t know if any of you suffer from this, but I imagine some do.

At its height I could not bear anyone touching me there at all.  Even a Tshirt against it would cause movement.  I could not lie in bed on my side, if my child went to hug me I would tense up, even a small arm over my rib cage would be pushed away and with this comes all the guilt and horrible feelings that pain pushes in to ones life.

I was eventually put on Lyrica, which calms down the nerves to a degree.  I believe they use it for epilepsy for this exact reason.  Trouble is it calms all nerves, it isn’t selective and of course there are those side effects, however right now, the benefit outweighs the side effect.

Along with the drugs I was told to massage the area below my chest were I could literally feel the nerves causing swelling and pain.  It would feel like squishy lumps of tension that hurt upon even a fingertips touch but I would gently work at it and sometimes if I was patient enough it would subside.

All of this takes time.

In the interim of course anything around this area like a bra was ditched.  It was absolutely impossible for me to wear something that was meant to be tight.

Over time the nerves simmered, the activity and pain has not gone but it is at a stage now where I can bear some touch in that area and so I thought I would research and see if I could find a bra.

Now I actually had started to enjoy the freedom of not wearing a bra, however there are firstly those peekaboo moments especially in the Summer when wearing only one layer that can become an issue in some situations.  There is also the fact that I am not 18 and my bust isn’t tiny any more so with some pieces of clothing one would like ones assets to give a bit of shape, just for those special occasions. Lastly but not least I actually love lingerie, I have boxes and boxes of the stuff I now cannot wear due to change in sizes etc because of the medication, I live in hope I will get my La Perla on one day.

I searched over the internet, Marks and Spencers, Next etc and simply could not find any particularly soft bras unless they were mastectomy ones, of which yes I did try one.

My local lingerie shop tried to help me out and insisted that support was needed in any situation and plied me with a sports bra, though there was no under wire or padding etc, firstly it wasn’t much to look at which is a minor issue but most of all it was tight under the bust and that was the nature of how a sports bra should be.  I could not hack it.

So then Jane who I go to for Zero Balancing , which by the way is amazing for pain relief, and Gyrotonic which is an amazing form of exercise and for me excellent as rehabilitation, recommended that I look up Cosabella, explaining that they have excellent soft lace bandeau almost style bras.

I then found out that another local lingerie shop stocked these items, so I went for a trip.

The lovely Irish shop owner inside did not push me at all to worry about support, what she did was to support me in the fact that was important to ‘feel nice’ to wear something that would perhaps aid in some shape, give a little support and to start slowly, bit by bit.

You will see the Cosabella lace vest and bra, the vest having enough retention that it gives some shape yet does not irritate in any way, plus looks pretty.  The Cosabella bra is fabulous, soft lace underneath which does not rouche up, gives some support and feels lovely, almost invisible.

She then also introduced me to Wolford Lingerie, wow it is expensive, but the black lace topped vest you see is a must.  The material is like some kind of magical shape giver, yet not like those tight ones that feel restrictive, it is beautifully soft, warm and gives you curves and dips just where you want them.

Last but not least she helped with the Peekaboo issue.  This was combated in the form of Wacoal No Peek Concealers, which are extremely soft shells that can go either in a bra or vest, if the vest is shapely enough, ie not loose, all of which worked with what you see below.

I don’t get paid to promote these items, I wanted to share them incase any of you out there are frustrated, going braless, wanting to wear something pretty and no idea where to start.

I have left the online links for the items mentioned below this gallery.



Wacoal No Peek Concealers

Thank you for reading, I hope this is of use to someone, Justine x

© Justine Nagaur



23 thoughts on “Practical Matters – Torso Pain & Wearing A Bra!

  1. That’s a practical but sexy post too 🙂 Are we now exchanging lingerie photos? And no, I’m absolutely not belittling your pain situation, just trying to bring in a lighter tone to make it easier to bear…

  2. I am certainly not going to share lingerie snaps, but I will share that I know what it is to feel pain having had spinal surgery 10 years or so ago, I still hurt a lot at times and haven’t been back to the doc for a long time since the last advice was that I could have neuro surgery to wipe out the pain centres in the brain – I decided I have enough psych problems without that….this is a brave post, bravo Justine

    1. you could say bravissimo…grins..haha you made me laugh, no share back of lingerie snaps, well if it was a bra that would certainly be an eye opener lolol.

      Yikes spinal surgery, I have been advised always to avoid that, gosh, what made you need it in the first place? I don’t blame you not wanting to fiddle with the brain, I wouldn’t. What do you do to help your back, apart from the odd dram? 😀

      1. Bravissimo, that is v good…

        My injury involved a Roundtable charity raising event, a very large (unrepentant and dishonourable) lawyer, a children’s slide, a pool of balls and then I awoke in an ambulance with blue lights flashing…slight kidney injury and a broken disk…then surgery and three months off work, at one point I was having about three different painkillers each designed to counteract the other, one day I ended up a shivering screaming wreck on the bathroom floor and only a quick jab from a needle wielding medic brought me back to the real world…. I took various painkillers but they were all useless so now I have come to accept it (sometimes) and yes, a dram helps a bit….

        1. Gosh a broken disc ouch ouch. So the surgery repaired the disc or they removed it? What pain relief are you on now? I think the back is like dominoes once one bit moves it has an impact on all the rest. Those of us who suffer chronic pain lead such different lives to those who dont. We may look the same but its oh so different. Re the drams i found i couldnt drink for a long time as the meds made it so it would burn so badly but now i can have the odd tipple and even succumbed to strawberry vodka the other day and it was yum 🙂

          1. Removed it, I try to avoid painkillers as they all become addictive but I have learned a certain amount of pain becomes background noise…and a dram or seven helps… X

          2. True i can imagine 🙂 i have just started reading a book on mindfullness that was recommended. I am literally at the first few pages and wanted to share a sentence that struck out at me: “our willingness or ability to show up fully in our lives and live them as if they really mattered, in the only moment we ever get which is this one” …..

  3. This is so recognizable! Can’t lie on my sides either and my ribs are often tender and swollen. Good Lord what is happening to us! Even my armpits have some golf balls in there!

    I love the coloured lingerie, especially the pink lacy one and the orange too. they are so cute!

    I don’t take painkillers only if I really, really have to. Don’t want to be dependent on them.

    1. So what causes your pain? I dont have the golf ball things though thankfully but if i didnt take the drugs for my nerves that calm them all down physically i doubt i would be up and about, its ahorrible thought. xx

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. Torso pain is something not really talked about and it is really up to us to seek out solutions. I suffered a broken sternum in my accident and still have nerve pain and swelling a year and a half later. It has led me to put all of my existing bras away and start over. I will definitely check out the companies you have talked about.

    I’m a newbie to blogging but have started my own one about my journey through brain injury and neuropathic chronic pain. I admire your courage and willingness to share this post and have pressed the Follow button! Thank you!

    1. hey hello there 🙂

      I just took a look back at your blog and for a newbie wow your doing well and woohoo the vacuum you just saved me as i cannot vacuum at all but have 4 pets!!! lol and two boys so the place is a mess. I did see this and wondered about it but seeing as you give it a positive vibe then I think I should seriously think in to getting one. I have another blog, eclectic oddsnsods. which is on the top bar near the header, my less ‘serious’ blog, ie it doesnt really include much about my pain issues, is more photography, stories, blog hopping etc. Blogging is a great release, I can’t sit so I stand and do it.

      I dont meet many other people with torso pain, even when i had my spinal injections they had not done it on the torso which was a bit unnervins lol.

      big hugs and so glad to meet you, glad we can now keep in touch x

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