Mindfulness – 1

Mindfulness – 1


I was recommended a book by the Pain Clinic that I am to attend in March next year.

The hope is that I can get through this book before the start of my 3 week pain management programme begins but I am notoriously bad as of late for actually reading something written on ‘paper’.

However I am slowly starting and really finding it interesting.

With this in mind I wanted to share with you over a few posts, spread out, some of the sentences that interest or radiate with me, in the hope that they might with you also.

Here is the first one:

Our willingness or ability to show up fully in our lives and live them as if they really mattered, in the only moment we ever get, which is this one – and that we are worthy of inhabiting life in this way and capable of it.

That to me is a huge statement and one to really think about. Β Have you ever thought about whether you really are present? Β Or are you just overwhelmed by the deluge of stresses and strains that seem to occur in our modern daily lives?

More to come next time…

Taken from Mindfulness, a practical guide to finding Peace in a frantic world by Mark Williams and DannyPenman

Thank you for reading, does this give you any thoughts?

Justine xx


6 thoughts on “Mindfulness – 1

  1. ‘Have I ever thought about whether I’m really present?
    Or Am I just overwhelmed by the deluge of stresses and strains that seem to occur in our modern daily lives?’

    I think often about that, and it is very helpful, as a wake up call before I go back to my automatic pilot, which bring me back to a comfort zone of old habits and thoughts which I am striving to change.
    I think it’s addictive to feed our stressing life style, because it gives a false sense of worth; when doing things and being busy. When we stop, there is emptiness.

    And that’s when changing the mindset to pay attention on what it’s happening to us, what we are feeling , what we are perceiving, what is bothering, serves to bring us to a more authentic way of living with ourselves. Not being ‘now’, can mean being nowhere and hiding from our fears and doubts.

    Back in 2010 I did a one-month mindfulness course. A friend battling cancer recommended it to my brother, who was also fighting his own battle. He didn’t go but me, and I loved it. I started meditating and felt much more balanced and relaxed, but in 2012 I stopped it after his death. This is the year I also left my highly stressing corporate job and lifestyle.

    This year I went back to mediating and yoga, as recommended by a physiotherapist treating my chronic neck and head pain which I acquired after breaking vertebrae in my neck in 99. I think that meditation and yoga is a powerful combination for pain management. I hope you will like it.

    1. Thank you Lucile, so you know the whole chronic pain thing. It is always bitter sweet meeting lovely people like you as you get a sense of “they will get me and know what I am talking about” but then you realize “they are suffering too” which is always horrible.

      This book includes a course which I am hoping to start once I finish the next two chapters and in March i go on my chronic pain management course. But I saw a healer a week ago and wow it was amazing, it wasn’t like a cure or anything but it opened up something in my mind. I felt amazing afterwards and it sort of gave me an insight in to possibilities.

      It was obvious many of them meditate and I found it so hard to begin with but second time around I got it and wow it felt so good. Since then random people have said to me I need to take time out for myself and I guess that being present statement is a part of it. You are right, being busy gives a false sense of worth, it does. For me it is fighting a double edged sword, I get stuff done slower because I have to have breaks, but then I don’t stop and just be, my mind is always going at a hundred miles an hour with twenty thoughts, the day goes past, the month goes, the year goes and where was it?

      I need to be prsent more, that is for sure πŸ™‚ Really appreciate your comments here xxx

      1. You’re welcome. Yeah..I know the thing! But it is not horrible, believe me; as I read on a quote on your blog, understanding is crucial to accept this reality, and that takes a heavy weight from my shoulders – literally – as I don’t resist it and build less tension on my body.

        You got me very curious about this healer. What is that exactly. If you prefer, use inbox.

        Hey, let’s help each other to keep cool and painless. Deal?

        Thanks for this talk. Greatly enjoyed and appreciated your openness. Xx

        1. awe, well the healer, I guess there are different ones around. She is quite a well known one i think from Amsterdam of all places. I think…don’t quote me on that. I heard about her through a friend whose house the healer used, there were about 20 of us. The woman who organized it had cancer and beat it through a complete lifestyle change, she only eats raw food, mindfullness, meditation and seeing this healer, she even managed to keep her hair. The healer uses her spirit guides and has been healing since age 4. She does alignments, it was all quite new and overwhelming for me. It was a huge learning curve. By the end of it I thought I had had an amazing experience. My husband and othe rpeople thought I would walk out healed, which isn’t what I expected, but what it did do was make me for a while feel amazing physically and that opened my eyes to options of what is possible. It also taught me that I need to meditate more and listen to changing some aspects of my life some harder to change than others. it is very true though that one has to learn to cope with other peoples projections of what they expect from you and also to learn to love whilst dealing with negative impacts on oneself or when dealing with others so that it ultimately doe snot have too negative impact on yourself and not to feel guilty about doing what is necessary in order to feel better. No one is in your own shoes, only you know what you need to do and no one has a right to make you feel guilty about what you need to do. The other aspect is also to learn to work out in ones life what or who enables us to grow and blossom, compared to those who might do the opposite. I guess anyone could do with this but perhaps for instance myself it becomes more important due to the fact that for me stress impacts on my pain levels quiet a lot which I have learnt to recognize xx

  2. This is very interesting, a friend recommended that I look into mindfulness back in September, haven’t done so yet and I think this will prompt me to do so

    And yes, I too need to be present in my own life. For my good and all those around me.

    1. Exactly it is an odd concept to get ones head around that many of us just aren’t present, myself included, actually for me a bit scary because time, events and magical moments get missed. Especially poignant when one has children too x

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