The Year of Speaking Kindly – by Mike O’Connor

Something to think about and perhaps you can join in as a New Years Resolution x

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Would you like to increase harmony in your life, cut the potential for conflict and hurting other people? If yes, then this challenge might be for you…

“If you wouldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it.” ~ Earl Wilson

The first stage in our Year of Speaking Kindly challenge (I’ll be taking part too) will involve us taking a closer look at the way we speak about other people.

Starting today, for the two weeks remaining in this year (2014), I’m encouraging you to pay extra attention to the way you talk, the words you use and your tone of voice when you discuss people who are not present. It really doesn’t matter who you’re with at the time or who you’re speaking of, whether it’s family, friends, colleagues or even strangers, please just notice what is said and the tone of voice used. Look to see…

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