Mindfulness – 2

Mindfulness – 2


I am still in the very early stages of reading through my Mindfulness book.

Apparently later on there is an 8 week course.  As mentioned in Mindfulness – 1 I am sharing with you excerpts of pieces that resonate with me that have been written, perhaps they will with you too!

Another part of the Mindfulness book that resonated with me:

I particularly like the simple yet radical habit-breaking suggestions, what they call ‘habit releasers,’ that they offer, which are meant to reveal and break open some of our most unaware life patterns of thoughts and behaviour, patterns that unbeknownst to us, tend to imprison us in a smallness that is definitely not the full story of who we are.

Taken from Mindfulness a practical guide to Finding peace in a frantic world, by Mark Williams and Danny Penman

I love the idea of breaking habits, the ones that inhibit us and stop us from achieving our full potential and happiness, bring it on I say, am feeling excited about this book.

What say you?

Justine xxx


4 thoughts on “Mindfulness – 2

  1. Breaking habits, breaking harmful patterns of behaviour, is probably one of the most crucial, and yet difficult things, any of us can do to change our lives for the better. Looking forward to reading more Justine, as you continue your journey.

    1. yes its really hard and the thing is often we dont know we are having those habitual responses, it’s something that takes patience and practise I am sure. I have been reading and embracing all of this and can on a light level feel the difference, but for instance I had a bad e-mail yesterday, a very stressful one and I woke up in such a bad mood, irritable, snapping at everyone and I suddenly thought Wow why am I like this, because the e-mail wasn’t there at the forefront of my mind, then I remembered and was shocked at how it can sit there not even seemingly present and still have such a negative effect. xx

  2. It is difficult to change, especially when something has been a certain way for years, but it is always worth it when you have done away with a habit that was harming you instead of helping you.

    1. Yes and you know there’s a passage in the book that acknowledges this the deep ingrained habits and thoughts.

      To be able to shift some or all of these must be a wonderful thing, its a learning curve but enjoyeable journey so far x

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