Mindfulness – 3

Mindfulness – 3


I am sooo enjoying reading this book and forging ahead not too far away from the chapters where I need to get to work on taking the ‘actual’ course.

So I best get on with sharing the little bits I find of interest to see if any resonate with you, here goes another:

This book is about how you can find peace and contentment in such troubled and frantic times as these.  Or rather, this is a book about how you can rediscover them; for there are deep wellsprings of peace and contentment living inside us all, no matter how trapped and distraught we might feel.  They’re just waiting to be liberated from the cage that our frantic and relentless way of life has crafted for them.

I love this paragraph, because it gives us all hope that somewhere deep down, some deeper than others, but that we can ALL find a place with practise whereby we can live a better life, find that peace and contentment.

Who wouldn’t want that?

It reminds me of this picture that I used to use when I first started this blog, the feeling of being totally trapped inside a cage, this visualizes it well for me:


Thank you as always for reading, this excerpt was taken from Mindfulness, a practical guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Pennman.

Justine xx


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