Mindfulness – 4

Mindfulness – 4


I have lagged behind in updating on this book a bit and now I am on to the ‘actual’ course bit.  I am still loving it, perhaps finding it hard in places.  It certainly takes practise but then if you are trying to learn a different way of ‘being’ it won’t happen in an instance right?

So here is a little bit more that caught my eye:

We try so hard to be happy that we end up missing the most important parts of our lives and destroying the very peace that we are seeking.

This is such a short piece but wow in my mind really punchy, kind of gets you right there if you sit long enough to really think about what the words are trying to tell us.  I focus firstly on the word ‘trying’, shouldn’t happiness within come naturally?  Missing parts of our lives I think is so common place, one year passes by the next.  How many of you have a week go by and you think “wow where did that go?”  Being wrapped up on so many things, trying to make us be a way we feel we should be.  It’s much like when you go to the Doctors and get some pills, treating the symptoms rather than the cause.  That is how I read this to be.


Thank you as always for reading, this excerpt was taken from Mindfulness, a practical guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Pennman.

Justine xx


5 thoughts on “Mindfulness – 4

        1. yes, but like you say if able, i would then find that another chore and another thing to remember to do lol. What i find hard is sometimes actually realizing i have strayed. sometimes I go off, maybe asleep I dont know and before i know it the meditation is over lol, usually after lunch i do it and wow i am gone totally x

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