My interview for the Personal Independence Plan is tomorrow – wish me luck

My interview for the  Personal Independence Plan is tomorrow – wish me luck

I am feeling a tad nervous, I have waited over six months for this interview.

So tomorrow is the day where finally I get to have my interview for the PIP, (Personal Indpendence Plan) which if you are eligible gives you some financial help towards living costs etc.

I don’t think I stand a chance of getting it, but who knows.  I feel very nervous about it, always these things make you feel like a fraud especially when you are undiagnosed and don’t have an ‘obvious’ disability visually.

I am including the picture below, which is one that automatically comes up when you type PIP


What I find interesting is that every single person depicted has a visible disability which slightly irks me, maybe I am in one of those moods.

What about people who have invisible illnesses, be they mental, physical or both?

You look at these kind of images and instantly feel like you shouldn’t be going along.

I know there are those far worse off than me, so it’s not the grumble really about a comparison, it is a grumble really that people who don’t ‘appear’ to have anything wrong them, aren’t always taken seriously or considered as needing help, that’s my little gripe.

So there we have it.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  They gave me an appointment that will take nearly an hour and a half’s drive to get to, even though there are centres 20 mins away.  Sitting in the car gives me no end of pain grief, but it was accept it or cancel, then risk waiting another six months and being given the same centre again.

That is life in the tropics.

Roll on tomorrow I say!

If you want to find out what PIP is from the official source please click here: PIP Gov UK

Big hugs Justine xxx

© Justine Nagaur


17 thoughts on “My interview for the Personal Independence Plan is tomorrow – wish me luck

  1. Absolutely I wish you luck. Having had back pain and flare-ups off and on for a few years now and with my mum in constant pain from degenerative bone disease, I can understand how you feel. And mine is virtually insignificant compared with what you two are dealing with. My mum doesn’t even want to use a walking stick but she is in tremendous pain. I hope it goes well for you love, I really do. XOX

    1. Thank you and sorry ive been quiet, today threw me out of sink and trying to catch up plus have my youngests birthday so all manic. The journey took two hours which was hellish and annoying considering they have centres under 20 mins away. It was a v stressful environment in the waiting room, everyone looked understandably miserable, one woman was shouting as they were going to turn her away. I went to the loo also, urgh omg, I am poss a bit OCD about this but i hate when public loos do not have hooks on the door, you then have to put your posessions on a dirty floor, there was erm well brown matter all over the loo and the soap dispenser broken on the floor. However, on an up note the chap who interviewed me was very very nice and really put me at ease. I was glad though when it was over, the area that the centre was in i seriously would not walk around there on my own, truly horrible xx

      1. Oh hun that sounds hellish, such an awful part of your day. I am totally with you on the public toilets, I really try to avoid them for as long as absolutely possible. Happy birthday to your little one! Is it today?? Xxx

        1. yes it’s today oh wow came back from a pizza partyhaha they went totally wild, i stuffed myself on a large glass of white when i walked in as half frozen, they offered me hot chocolate i was “oh you have to be kidding, wine will warm me up not hot chocoalte” hehe..had great fun. My son decided to pole dance or climb should I say one of th eblack poles in the restaurant and touch the ceiling..omg he is such a monkey

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