Pain Management Programme Day 1

Pain Management Programme Day 1

A quick post about my first day at the PMP as I will call it for now.

Pain Management Programme Clinic
Pain Management Programme Clinic

I had a lot of reservations about how I would be out of my comfort zone somewhere else, surrounded by strangers but most of all how much sitting was involved.

Early on in the day the Therapists there told us there would be a lot of sitting involved and I muffled an audible sigh of dread as usually I feel incredibly awkward being the only one getting my  mat out.

However I was not to fear.  Everyone there was extremely nice and down to earth and I was free to walk around, sit or lie.

Pain Management Programme
Pain Management Programme

There were six of us in total, one man included in that number. We did the usual introductions to each other of ourselves.

Then we went through the programme and expectations of it, both the course to us and between each other etc.

The day generally consists of one hour for lunch and two half hour breaks, I admit to doing a little bit of clock watching as it did definitely test my resolve standing for so long and the mat provided certainly wasn’t as comfortable as mine at home and I am used to moving around much more, but hard when you are in a one room environment to learn.

The other things we touched on was the fact that we would learn to have a different relationship with our pain, that in turn would enable us to have a different quality of life and reach goals and objectives perhaps otherwise deemed out of reach.  It was about the psychology of pain, how it works, the circle that seems to be involved from the onset of pain, to the effect it has then accumulating to end up causing more pain.

Pain Management Programme
Pain Management Programme

We also talked about goals and values.  Most of us felt that we had changed from who we were to who we are now.  Not in the essence of being totally different people but as if diluted if that makes sense.  Ie we might still be caring, but the pain detracts from it, interrupts the way that we would like to be more wholly.

We finished off with a relaxation technique which started with deep breathing.  When one is tense we tend to breathe from the chest only as if in a state of panic, whereas if relaxed we use the stomach and chest area.  I was only using the chest so we spent some time trying to rectify that.  Then we had a deep muscle relaxation session for 20 mins or so lying down on a mat, that was nice and I nearly dozed off lol.

That is all for now folks, I shall try to write about my journey each day but if not certainly regularly as it is quite exhausting being somewhere else all day but I am full of anticipation that I will learn lots of useful ways to help manage my days better and I am quite pleased that I did in fact one day, be it the first!!!!


20 thoughts on “Pain Management Programme Day 1

  1. Hi Justine. It sounds like the day went pretty well overall. I hope it’s helping. That breathing thing is so true. It can be so hard to control but once you do, the effect is amazing! Xx

  2. Hi Jussie, that sounds like a great start. I’m so happy for you.
    It’s going to be successful. I’m sure. Day one and you’re already dozing off on the mat! Brilliant. Lol
    All the best today.

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