Pain Management Programme Day 3

Pain Management Programme Day 3

My third day has been and gone at the Pain Management Programme.

You can catch upon my PMP Days here:- Pain Management Programme

Pain Management Programme Clinic
Pain Management Programme Clinic

Today was an easier day.

However I started off in a bit of a tizzy before I had had the chance to go in to speak to them and was having neck spasms the night before from lying on my back and cricking my neck trying to see the teacher and believe you me, neck cramps or spasms is really painful.

I went in with some trepidation and asked to speak to the physiotherapist that we had spent the afternoon with, she was very  understanding and nice.  I explained that I had already extended my sitting time allotment so to speak to a time where the pain markers were already pinging around my body merely by having a lift in and out, which mean’t nearly an hour and half driving time each day which usually I wouldn’t have.

So then, sitting down for lunch, then the assessment which involved sitting down, then the exercise was just too much for me.  I explained about the need to factor in to my day the sitting times so I could cut it down somewhere else if possible if it was necessary at another time.

I also described to her my inability during what seemed to be a panic attack to calm myself down and this freaked me out somewhat.

She explained that she would give me an outline each day of what to expect and that I needed to feel comfortable to stand up and do the daily exercises if needs be rather than sit.

Re the panic attack, I guess the Mindfulness will help with this and we will learn how to cope with this kind of thing later.

So this I took on board.

It did seem that everyone was a little worse off today in differing ways.

We spent the morning discussing, dissecting and understanding how pain affects each one of us personally, how doing the ‘difficult’ physical things effects us both mentally and physically.  We compared notes, go to see what everyone else goes through.  Then we went over boom and bust again, other peoples perceptions we touched on and how to manage our time to a degree.

It was good.

Then after lunch we had the option to be filmed doing an action that we find difficult, the idea that in two weeks time we would do this again and see a difference, for the positive of course.  We all as a class watched the videos of ourselves too which was a rather painful moment lol.  My two actions were bending whilst standing and then bending whilst sitting.

After this we had a break then the exercise time, which I did a lot of standing up, also my mind frame was different this time, I had a couple of moments when I could feel the stress factor trying to kick in at the times I did sit down, but I bore through it and it was as a whole much more bearable.

Then we had our deep muscle relaxation in which I did promptly fall asleep haha, naughty me, not for all of it but some.

I did spend a lot more time on the floor today, only because I was paying for the day before, but I am hoping by tomorrow all will be relatively calm again x

That is all for today, Justine xx

© Justine Nagaur



7 thoughts on “Pain Management Programme Day 3

  1. Jussie, it is a new journey and each day will present a new challenge. Just like always, we are never prepared for the unknown and our body reacts.
    You are doing great and you are very brave. Embrace this experience, let it go, fearless, and confident that you will again evolve and and get better. Just as you were able to do that before. I believe in you.
    Love to you.

    1. yes my body has been definitely tested as has my resolve this week, bit of a rollercoaster ride, but i am determined that I shall benefit, so not given up hope xx Thank you for your lovely words x

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