Pain Management Programme Day 5

Pain Management Programme Day 5

My fifth day has been and gone at the Pain Management Programme.

You can catch upon my PMP Days here:- Pain Management Programme

Pain Management Programme Clinic
Pain Management Programme Clinic

So we are now on to day 5 and I was feeling relatively relaxed compared to how I felt over the weekend.  The pain levels have been up since before the programme started, however slightly calmer since having seen Jane on Saturday when I had my Zero Balancing.

She has lent to me a cushion like a large sausage with the idea I straddle this whilst in class, I just want to remain upright, rather than having to only do this by standing which is exhausting for so long. Lying down and looking to the side is cricking and cramping my neck, otherwise it means just lying on the floor and looking up at flourescent lights for hours which believe you me isn’t pleasant.

Apart from doing Deep Muscle Relaxation, which this time I was able to confidently tailor to how I thought I would manage it best we talked about ‘Relationships’ & our activity and thought processes over the weekend and how the latter tied in with our goals.

We mainly concentrate on the whole aspect of how others react and behave towards us and in turn us trying to think how our situation impacts on others.  Ie the not understanding and living situations with loved ones.  We talked first of all about our reactions to others behaviour, conversations, reactions towards us, how this impacted on how we then behave back and how in fact sometimes this can just also cause a non productive spiral.

For me, I know that my pain situation has affected my children greatly and this makes me incredibly sad.  There is a book that was recommended to read to children which I have included below and will be buying.  My youngest has taken on the ‘I hurt’ syndrome and I am sure it is something to do with what goes on with myself and I feel that though I have tried to explain my pain, that being on this course has now given me a better way to explain it.

We talked also about trying to think about friendships that are important to us that we might have ‘lost’ and feel a desire to reclaim.  I certainly have lost quite a few friends through my pain, whether they have gone forever I am not sure but certainly feels like it and can make one feel quite depressed and resentful that ‘those’ one considered close don’t want to stick around.  Maybe it is just to hard.  But there are a couple of people that I can think of ‘hoping’ to reclaim friendship back with.

They suggested making a time to get together, to talk about why one was asking to meet up and when meeting up to concisely talk about how pain affects our daily lives.  To explain the flare ups, that just because one can do something one day it doesn’t mean one can do it the next.  That there are red, amber and green days. The red days are “sorry I cannot make it out today, I am having a red day, a flare up, but I will re-arrange”, that an amber day is “I can come out today but perhaps not as long as we intended as I am struggling a little but would still love to spend some time with you”, that a green day is “we are good to go as planned”.  That talking about how there is not ‘cure’ for chronic pain, it is about managing it and living with it, that we are all trying to do and it’s a constant process and that in order to have friendships with ease, it’s important for other parties to understand how this affects us and that there has to be flexibility in arrangements.

Pain Management Programme Day 5
Pain Management Programme Day 5

That is all for today, Justine xx

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5 thoughts on “Pain Management Programme Day 5

  1. Jussie, every time I read your journey, I feel your strength.
    We have no idea what’s like to live as you do. It’s hard and you surely do all you can to affect your kids as little as possible.
    You’re my heroine. I mean not the drug! lol

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