My hit list!

Hit listThis page is under construction, but basically it is going to be a list of things I want to do.  Things that I feel are achievements if I manage to get to do them under my current circumstances, or they will be a way of me realizing that perhaps, just perhaps things might be getting a little better 🙂  (One can only wish)

They are not written in any form of priority & it goes without saying most if not all I wish to do with my children.

  1. Get to Devon & have my usual rather than accelerated pain levels because of the journey.

  2. Go to Richmond Park & take pictures of both female, male and the young deer ~ I semi achieved this on 3.4.14, I got the young deer, pics will follow.

  3. Meet amma.

  4. Get on a plane

  5. Go for a swim

  6. Go to the cinema ~ achieved 7.4.14, I found a cinema with reclining seat so could be in a position to stretch out, woohoo was great!




7 thoughts on “My hit list!

    1. hah yes sometimes i forget about this blog too. Thank you so much for popping by i would love to see amma but i just think i wont cope with the crowds and time waiting well, I won’t rule it out though xxx

  1. Conozco eso de no poder ir al cine por no poder estar sentada tanto tiempo y por el dolor que causa eso… Pero bastante tiempo después, también los dolores se van estabilizando, te lo aseguro, y a todo conseguimos acostumbrarnos, incluso al dolor…

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